The Missing Piece in the Recent Election

Take a look at the numbers below. Do they mean anything to you? Would you like more information surrounding the numbers?


We’ll come back to the numbers in a minute. In the meantime, let’s recall the issues that were prominent in this fall’s election.

Syria, ISIS, Ebola, immigration, the Keystone Pipeline, Obama’s ineffectual or authoritarian leadership, etc.

Now, let’s look at what are, objectively, the biggest issues confronting the United States, few of which were featured by either side in the 2014 mid-term election:

Continued recovery from the 2008 recession, confronting campaign finance abuses, continuing withdrawal from two drawn out wars, reducing political gridlock between our two leading political parties, containing Iran and Russia in their insistence on destabilizing a peaceful world.

I wonder who were the geniuses who decided what the campaign issues were to be and how they managed to take the country’s eye off the ball. Where were Obama’s message mavens who got him elected and reelected? Of course, the answer is that he was not running at all, and his party was running away from him.

I cannot think of a stupider process, which takes us back to those mysterious numbers.

Does the additional information inform you better? If it does not, you better move on to some other pages.

When Obama took office the country was on the edge of a serious financial collapse. We still had to extricate ourselves from Afghanistan and Iraq. And, Obama had promised a health care plan.

This year, while the Democrats were running away from Obama because the polls had been coopted by grotesquely misleading advertising and made him out to be a feckless, incapable leader, we have been treated with great news. See above.

There is a lot to be concerned about in how Obama has handled the job.

History has to judge him well, however, because he achieved admirably in addressing his most important challenges when he took office.

History will also criticize him and the Democratic party for having failed miserably in managing the messages of this year’s election.

The cost of those mistakes may be with us all for a VERY long time!


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