Outside of an eye doctor’s office what do those letters say, if anything worth remembering?

They sound like “never again”.

But what is supposed to be never again?

The answer is a lot of things and as one thinks about it, there are long lists in life of things that qualify for that admonition.

In Japan they say that a person who climbs Mt Fuji once is a hero, twice is a fool.

One jump from a plane or paraglider is more than enough for most peoples’ lives.

Once down a ski jump is surely enough for most people.

Playing one on one basketball with Barack Obama is surely a solo event.

Taking on Seinfeld in a funny contest for most folks is a onetime loser’s moment of infamy.

Telling ‘the wife’ to do what she is told and surviving to do it again is quite unlikely.

Suggesting to the daughter in law that you really want a grandchild is not likely to happen again.

Crashing a White House sit down dinner is not likely to be repeatable.

Fudging a bio on a job application, if discovered, is something one would never repeat.

Losing 50 pounds on a major diet one never wants to have to repeat.

And, I am sure you can add quite few more very good and relevant examples.

Those letters -NVR AGN–were the only numbers or letters on a New York State license plate on a Volvo in New York City.

I was consumed by curiosity of what was to be never again.

I got along side of that driver and asked: “What is to be never again?” –thinking it might be that he had a lemon Volvo.

The answer was: “The Holocaust.”

Makes all the other ‘never agains’ seem pretty small potatoes


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