The Flip Side of Family Chaos

Thanksgiving is perhaps more people’s favorite holiday than any other because it stresses family, food and reminders about what is good in people’s lives for which they are thankful.

But, then the day arrives and things often go crazy. Too much good food. Too many rambunctious kids. Too much cleaning up. Too little time to relax and talk about old times.

One wonders why the reality of giving thanks has to be accompanied by the jazz of human activity.

Well, there are lots of reasons.

Everyone has their own agenda and wants a chance to express it.

Everyone is excited about coming back into the parental nest.

Everyone tends to retrogress in time when returning to the womb of safety.

Everyone expects all the trimmings, food etc. simply to happen.

Generational expectations of proper attire are changing with many and create inconsistencies.

Internal generational tensions have a perfect setting for being played out.

Older people are not as resilient or energetic as younger people.

All that must be familiar with most people.

However, on reflecting whether it was or is worth all the disruptions in a calm and otherwise orderly life, an interesting and reassuring thought floated by.

If one has a choice of a family who gathers quietly, calmly with perfect decorum at all times OR the kind of scene suggested above, the answer has to be go for chaos every time.

A bunch of kids who are docile, obedient, calm and quiet most of the time, probably are nerds who lack energy, imagination and a desire to do much with their lives.

If coping with that is the price to pay for living through chaotic holidays, it is worth seeing and knowing that the following generations have what it takes to have interesting and worthwhile lives.

So let’s give thanks for optimism!