How to Out-Trump Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been an exhibitionist since he was a spoiled, undistinguished kid.

At some point in his youth he must have discovered that if he made a big enough fuss, it did not make any difference what the fuss was about, he’d get attention no matter what.

Only a true narcissist would be willing to make a public fool of himself in order get attention simply for its own sake.

Yet that has been Trump’s trademark from the beginning.

Senator McCarthy did the same kind of thing, doing a lot of harm to a lot of innocent bystanders along the way.

McCarthy discovered by accident that he could get superb press coverage by making unsupported allegations about people’s views on communism. No one could stop him, including President Eisenhower, until the Senate voted nearly unanimously to sanction him. The lesson for Trump to learn from McCarthy is to go before the vote on his own power! McCarthy never recovered his reputation and died a broken man.

If you take Trump’s public image at face value — an undeniably dubious thing to do — you would think that he is much richer than he is. For example, the fancy helicopter and private airplane imply a lifestyle far beyond his actual means. Of course, it is even more dubious to equate being rich with the ability to manage and lead the U.S. government. If you have trouble with that, you really have not thought about the subject or you have been living underground with moles.

The real facts — beyond any dispute among reputable journalists and observers — are that Trump has filed for bankruptcy at least once, that he has stiffed his lenders repeatedly and that, like most real estate moguls, he lives constantly on the edge of disasters.

One little-known, but very important, fact about Trump is that most of the cash he has available is paid to him for the use of his name. This is why he has repeatedly hijacked the Presidential selection process to pump up even more his name brand recognition.

There are a number of hotels around the world that bear the Trump name which lures Trump devotees to stay there. The Trump name suggests that Donald Trump himself is the hotel’s developer/financier. WRONG! The real owners pay him millions of dollars a year for the privilege of using his name.

That is why he is running for President — to boost the value of his name ever higher to make more money for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump knows perfectly well he will never be President (or if he doesn’t, there should be a movement demanding that his head be examined by neutral experts).

It’s also probable that he does not really even want to be President at all.

A man who lives primarily to hear the sound of his own splash into his own pool of life would go crazy living in the Secret Service bubble which has to surround the President today.

Basically, Trump likes to live his lush life with his lady friends when and wherever he pleases. That is not compatible with the serious constraints the office of President imposes on the life of the occupant.

Therefore, the simple way to play the ‘Trump card’ on Donald Trump is to unmask the human being who is playing that role.

He is making a mockery of our whole system of governance and the sooner he wakes up to the fact that what goes up can come down, the sooner we all can get back to reality.

When he begins to sense brand exhaustion in the public at large and that perhaps he has milked all he can out of this moment in the sun (which if he has any brains at all, should be soon), he will be gone.

Have no fear!


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