The TRUMP phenomenon is getting scary. As Huey Long said “When fascism arrives in America he/it will have an American face.” [Perhaps he was thinking about himself?]

All serious people know well that Trump is NOT a serious person to be trusted at all. Yet his “message” is galvanizing angry Americans everywhere—rich and poor; educated and non; white and black; old and young—who have stopped believing that our governance system can work and are seemingly content or happy to let him simply blow it up so we can start over.

That is what happened in Germany in the 1930s and led to Hitler getting elected at the same time as the then German establishment kept saying, “This cannot be happening in Germany; do not worry.”

Let’s NOT let complacency overwhelm our good judgment and actions now. So far the press has given him a pass because he sells their wares and they seem to believe he will yet self-destruct. We should no longer count on that.

It is NOT too early for all of us who know [or should] better to start a counter fire. We suggest that all recipients who share this thinking should resend this message to their rolodexes and urge their recipients to do the same –to have the intended effect of wakening all us observers before it gets too late. See my recent blog post from the Huffington Post, for a recent text elaborating a bit on this subject. The Huffington Post evidently has become skittish about dealing with Trump.

The prize at the end of the chain is our shared and treasured freedom and democracy.


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