Have a listen and look at this.

Yes, it certainly is unique and touching. Both critters are apparently lonely, but have found something valuable in their cross-species affection.

Perhaps also this quite amazing film may also be a peek at an unforeseeable future.

Part of what makes it really believable is that the penguin is and acts like a real penguin in other respects. He disappears regularly but always returns to his human friend.

What could this be telling us about the future?

Maybe animals will play a very different role in our social lives in the future.

Maybe we’re moving towards some kind of evolutionary confluence.

Maybe human beings are not as different from other animals as we so often imagine.

(And while I’m doing my high-minded pondering, it’s hard not to wonder what the other penguins make of all this.)

Please let me know what you think we can learn from Jinjing and his human friend?


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