A Sublime State of Mind

First you have to find it!

Where is it? It is everywhere or anywhere. Depending on your digestion, health, and focus at any given moment, it could be 2,500 feet underground in a copper mine. Or 2,500 above ground held up by a hot air balloon. It could be on a Greyhound bus. Or a park on a snowy day.

Most likely, however, you will be in someplace, when, somewhat unexpectedly, a wave of pleasure may sweep over you.

It is the feeling of losing your breath, then the relief of regaining it. In the relief of that moment you will feel like you have survived one of your 9 lives.

But that is not the only way to discover the sublime.

You may be sitting on a veranda in Hawaii looking west, a whiskey and soda in your hand, watching the orange ball of the sun slip slowly below the horizon. You may sense then that nothing could be more beautiful, particularly because you know it will rise and set again tomorrow.

You may be in the Swiss Alps at about 6 thousand feet watching the sun rise in a bright blue sky above amazing mountains created by nature and time. That may give rise to a sense of hope that sunrise always brings with it a promise of new, fun, and interesting things for the day ahead.

Now that you may have some idea where to find YOUR personal sense of the sublime, and you may be wondering how to catch such feelings in your fist and hang on and extend the warm, wonderful, ephemeral sensations.

The first thing to do is note where and when those feelings became real for you. The second thing is to try to remember what those moments felt like and to recapture your state of mind.

Did you feel freedom, relief, lightheadedness, amusement, sadness, or simple happiness?

Whatever those thoughts—which of course will be different for all people—are, if you can store them like a sense of smell, you can sometimes recreate sublime for yourself on demand.

If the sublime was the same for everybody, it would be far less attractive and seductive. It is personal to and for you, so probably it is best to keep it as a treasured secret.

First you have to define and find it; then you have to store it. And, finally you have something you can treasure forever as your very own and reconfirm your uniqueness as a person of the universe!

My secret, which I will share despite my advice not to, is the Waldhotel Fletschorn in Saas Fee, Switzerland. There is no place that competes with its views, food, and comfort. Try it.

It is my definition of the sublime and I am writing this there now. Come here and you will never stop thanking me, even if your pocket book is a bit lighter.


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