One by One

A lot of folks who see my blogs, and agree with my thoughts about Trump (most of my readers), have asked what I think THEY could do to help avoid a Trump victory.

The answer is pretty simple.

If everyone could find and identify at least one Trump supporter—preferably in a red state—and convert that voter, that could add up and mean a lot in a close election. Furthermore, if there were a reliable web site that kept track of the conversions, more people could see benefit and be encouraged to participate. Finding the ‘convertees’ may not be so easy face-to-face because there may not be many right around where you live. Try the Internet, where for sure they are tweeting and Facebooking. Be gentle AND persistent. Anger will NOT work. And, if a useful web site could be created, it is possible it could help match red and blue folks for conversation.

Obviously not all conversions would stick, BUT one-on-one politics may be this year’s antidote to the confusion and baloney coming from the campaign trail.

And, if everyone who rolled up their sleeves recruited 2 or 3 other recruiters, the movement just might go viral.

What to say? Whatever makes sense to you particularly in the context of the person you are trying to convert. A good technique would be to start out asking why their target thinks Trump would be a good President and responding as best you can to your target’s reasoning.

There are a lot of outrageous Trumpisms. Use them one a time as you are comfortable or just use them all. You surely can find and use news clips and tv for each of these egregious items.

(1) Donald Trump stated that McCain was not a war hero and implied that people who got captured are jerks—McCain was shot down!

(2) Trump insultingly mocked an innocent New York Times reporter who suffers from a tragic physical joint condition that limits the mobility of his arms.

(3) Trump clearly suggested that Megyn Kelly was menstruating during the first Fox Republican Debate, implying that her menstruation was behind the reason why she was asking him difficult questions.

(4) Trump has advocated banning Muslims from entering the country and creating a database to keep a special eye on all Muslims already here.

(5) Trump has proposed building a wall between Mexico and the US, has said he would undertake mass deportations, and famously claimed that Mexico is intentionally sending criminals across the border.

(6) During a phone interview with Fox and Friends, Trump said he would go after the families of terrorists. When told that members of the military would not follow such an order, as doing so would be a war crime, Trump simply insisted that as Commander in Chief they would have to follow his direct orders or they would be sacked.

(7) Trump University is embroiled in two separate lawsuits, both of which allege that the organization was fraudulent and that students were pressured to give good reviews.

(8) Trump, ever the showman, appears to disdain the dignity that comes with the presidency. He obviously loves the pomp and circumstance associated with the Presidency, but as chief executive and commander-in-chief of a great nation and as the US’s Head of State, he would hold a position that requires great dignity and serious behavior. Failing to maintain that tradition would diminish the US as a great nation in the eyes of the world. Is that Great Again?

There is, of course, a small risk that some converters—you– might themselves become converted by some of the fervor of Trump folks. Given how unlikely that it is, it a risk worth taking.

Last piece of advice: do not get excited by resistance. It will not help to get angry or personal. Simply try to soften them up and hopefully give them thoughts to wonder about.

Give it a try and send all ideas and experience to be shared with others.


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