Merrick Garland

A perfect, brilliant pick by Obama. The only flaw he possesses is his age!

Garland is currently the Chief Judge of the DC Circuit and is praised by as many Republicans as Democrats.

On a practical note, Garland is a non-disruptive choice. His current position is NOT affected by his appointment, therefore there should be next to no disruption in his life or work pending the Senate taking up consideration of his nomination. If the Senate does not act on the nomination AND a Republican wins the election, Garland will remain comfortably in place on the DC Circuit.

If Hillary wins, she would most likely honor Obama’s nomination and Garland would be confirmed next year. BUT, if Hillary wins, I think it very likely that the Republicans will take up the nomination and confirm Garland before she enters office. Garland is on the older side AND Hillary might just go for a younger and more liberal person.

It is worth noting that Garland may also be the best choice for the Republicans particularly after their Presidential candidate loses!

It seems likely that their grandstanding about not holding hearings may have been a ploy to push Obama as far towards the center as possible, rather than giving him the freedom to push through the most left-leaning candidate he could slip past them.

If so, we’re likely in for a bit more political theater before Garland is confirmed, but confirmed he will surely be if Hillary is elected in November.

Accordingly, it looks like he is the very best choice at this time! For everyone!


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