Ok! Ok! Let’s Get on With It!

Enough already! Let’s quit the quibbling and accept the fact that this year’s presidential election will be Trump vs Hillary.

To do otherwise will only provide unjust enrichment to the press, which played a large part in putting us in this pretty pickle.

All the talk of convention rules among Republicans is wasted air. Trump, despite his relatively narrow base of support, has trumped Cruz, an even worse choice. So let’s avoid the nonsense talk of a contested convention and a ruckus in the streets. If the alternative were Kasich, it might be worth discussing. But that is nowhere in the cards.

Hillary has awful negatives, but she does have a lot of experience. Having finally achieved her long-delayed ambition, she may finally be beyond her seemingly ingrained need to fiddle with the truth. Bernie is a good man, with great intentions (excluding guns) but being mayor of Burlington and a back-bench Senator does not equip him well to deliver on his promises, even if they are appealing to quite a lot of folks.

Why indulge the fantasies of those desperate for anyone but Trump, or anyone but Hillary? There’s a lot of work to be done this year, and the presidential campaign is, to put it mildly, a distraction.

If we could quiet it down a bit about presidential politics until Labor Day, perhaps Obama and the Congress could get a few long-delayed, much-needed things done before the election. The Republican leadership, if they are not totally blinded by partisanship, just might figure out that it would be smart to make the best deals they can before they get wiped out in the November election. And the Democrats would be smart to clear out the legislative logjam as much as possible, so Hillary can have more flexibility in her first hundred days.

There are folks out asking about her ‘possible indictment’.  And there are others who say they would vote for her even if she were in jail. But both possibilities are as remote as a new Roosevelt riding onto the scene to save us from ourselves and “fear itself”.

We have had enough embarrassment and handwringing in the last four months to last us a full year.

Let’s take a careful poll to determine the public’s wishes on saying clearly and strongly ENOUGH ALREADY!


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