BREXIT – Yea or Nay

In the US we have been reading for weeks about the BREXIT vote, and a stopover in London for a couple of days shed a lot of light on the subject for me, and I would like to share what I’ve learned.

The basic question is, of course, whether the UK should leave the European Union. It seems to many of us Americans that leaving a Union is unthinkable—remember our Civil War!

Moreover, today’s world needs more not less togetherness!

So what are the Euroskeptics thinking?

The pros on leaving are:

1-Leaving the customs and trading union will unleash Britain’s economy, which Brexit advocates believe has been hampered by EU regulations.

2-Leaving the passport-free zone will allow Britain to regain control over its borders.

3-Abandoning the leadership of Brussels will allow Britain to regain full sovereignty, an important point for the citizens of a nation that once ruled half of the world.

The cons on leaving are:

1-A possible economic meltdown, as predicted by the Prime Minister and the Treasury, may result from leaving the EU.

2-UK could splinter if pro-EU Scotland holds another referendum on independence.

3-Britain could be ostracized by the Continent, and find themselves also bypassed by the United States, which would diminish Britain’s geopolitical standing.

Finally, there is the great uncertainty of it all. No one really knows what effect the Brexit would have on the local and global economies or on geopolitics.

And it is that uncertainty that might explain why the polls are split 50/50, and why many well-educated, upper-middle-class couples are split.

Hope this helps with what I know is a worrisome issue for you!


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