OK – What’s Next?

I hate what am about to tell you because you probably will not like it. But it has to be said!

The election is, mercifully, about to be over. Barring some completely unforeseeable event or events, Clinton is going to win by a substantial margin.

She and most Americans will wipe the sweat off their brow, saying “Whew, thank God that is behind us!”

The issue with that is the PROBLEM will still be there, large as life and twice as big.

Trump has been the symptom, not the disease.

The disease lies in the fact that about 40% of America was taken in by such a dangerous fraud.  Our biggest national security issue has become this question. We must make every effort to figure it out and address it wisely to be sure we never have to confront this kind of populist danger again.

We were witnessing an attempted assassination of democracy.  After the Kennedy assassination the first thing Lyndon Johnson did was create a highest level National Commission. That is a fine model for current times, and should be done immediately. Clinton should act IMMEDIATELY to investigate the root causes of the disease and propose ways to cure it.

That will take a great, diverse group of citizens beyond fear, favor or reproach, which must be well-staffed with ample resources. The group must be large enough be representative of the country; but small enough to be realistic. It should not be just household names and should include ordinary folks.

Everything –without any exceptions—must be on the table including, if deemed necessary, structural political adjustments.

This must be a strictly non/bi partisan effort. The Trump supporters must be made understand that this is just as much in their interest as every other American.

The disease has badly metastasized into all aspects of American life.

The Trump people are not entirely wrong about the state of the world. Nor can it be assumed that Clinton has been entirely without blame. We are all in this mess together and it simply will not disappear after the election.

The effort has to bridge the whole span of our democracy.

I told you that you might not like this idea.

Now, like it or not and despite that, it must have our highest and broadest national support.

And, all that said, no matter what a good, honest, fair job gets done, it will not be perfect and for sure many people will still be unhappy.

That is the ultimate fate of our random species.


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