Does the Obama Message Below Parse with the Trump Message?

This is the Obama White House last message to friends. These are all indisputable FACTS and FIGURES.

The BIG failure of Obama was simply that he never really got this message across to the country at large.

It is not enough in politics to be right; a President has to make those facts known and understood.

It is also too bad that the Democratic candidate this year was also unable to convey this message effectively.

Now we have to depend on moderates in both houses of Congress to avoid the traps that will spring  hard on all of us if Twitter and Twumper seek to ruin the country.


Progress — Legacy

Eight years ago, America hovered on the brink of a second Great Depression. We were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs each month — nearly 800,000 in the month President Obama took office alone.

Millions of Americans had lost their homes. Millions more saw hard-earned savings vanish. The auto industry was on the verge of collapse.

But today, the American economy has recovered from recession, American leadership in the world is stronger than ever, and we’ve made lasting strides toward a more perfect union.

We’ve come a long way:

  • The unemployment rate was on its way to ten percent.  Today, it’s at 4.7 percent.
  • We’ve seen the longest streak of job growth on record.  And wages have grown faster over the past few years than at any time in the past forty.
  • Back then, 44 million Americans were uninsured.  Today, we’ve covered more than 20 million adults who weren’t covered before.  On top of that, more than 3 million additional children have health insurance than in 2008, thanks in large part to the ACA and other actions taken by the Administration.  The nation’s uninsured rate now stands at its lowest level ever.
  • We’ve cut our dependence on foreign oil by more than half, doubled production of renewable energy, and enacted the most sweeping reforms since FDR to protect consumers and prevent a crisis on Wall Street from punishing Main Street ever again.
  • These actions didn’t stifle growth, as critics predicted.  Instead, the stock market has nearly tripled.  Since the President signed Obamacare into law, America’s businesses have added nearly 16 million new jobs.  And the economy is more durable than it was in the days when we relied on oil from unstable nations and banks took risky bets with your money.
  • In 2015, the poverty rate fell at the fastest rate in almost fifty years while the median household income grew at the fastest rate on record.
  • In fact, income gains were actually larger for households at the bottom and the middle than for those at the top.
  • And we’ve done it all while cutting our deficits by nearly two-thirds and protecting investments that grow the middle class.
  • Since taking office, the President has protected more than 550 million acres of America’s public lands and waters, including the creation of the largest marine protected area in the world.
  • Nearly 180,000 of our brave troops were serving in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bin Laden remained at large when the President took office.
  • Today, we’ve drawn down to just 15,000.  They took bin Laden and thousands of other terrorists off the battlefield.  And over the past eight years, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed an attack in the U.S.
  • Through diplomacy, we ensured that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon, we opened up a new chapter with the people of Cuba, and we brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for our kids.
  • And almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.
  • By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started – a situation the President is proud to leave for his successor.  And it’s thanks to the grit and determination of the American people that we’ve come so far.

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