Oh My! Oh My!

The royal/populist ”we” of Trump’s inaugural address was amazingly bettered (or worsted) the very next day at the CIA when Trump, ignoring the Women’s March, sank to an all-time low by wallowing in complaints about media reports on the size of his inauguration crowd. He touched on ISIS and barely mouthed tribute to the fallen, but his focus was on the media, which he tried to blame for his insults to the intelligence community.

The core of the meeting was Trump’s unconstrained anger at having been slighted by the (accurate!) reports of a smallish crowd at the inauguration. This bodes VERY badly!

If there had been a real a problem with the crowd reports, he should have completely left the subject to others to deal with. PRESIDENTS DO NOT DEAL WITH CROWD SIZES!

At the same time, Trump’s press secretary was making a horrible mess of the same issue in his very first official meeting with the Press in the WHITE HOUSE.

And Kellyanne Conway came up with a weird new explanation of “alternative facts” right out of 1984?

Subjects like that should be left to technicians and commentators.

Because the president is such an extreme narcissist that he simply cannot help himself from stepping into such kinds of mess, more of this behavior must be expected and protected against.

It is simply amazing that Trump could not see the damage he was doing to himself and his day-old presidency.

Trump is in office and, as the Washington Post said in its headline, IN POWER, but ours is a system founded on the basic principle of not giving ultimate, unfettered POWER to a president.

Now that he his sickness is fully revealed for the world to see, we must accept the reality that Trump cannot manage himself and BE presidential.

The moment has come for all the leaders of Congress and the Courts to begin to deliberately and carefully surround him with cordons, to protect him and ALL the American people, including those who may not fully grasp this point but will also be harmed when he goes astray.

The damage he can do to trade, military/diplomacy, and our social fabric—even with protective cordons around him—is very substantial.

“WE” the people he invoked in his inaugural address must act fast now that we can see that he has not changed on becoming president, as some of us had been hoping against hope.


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