Incompetence Trumps Trump

I know, I know! I promised NOT to wallow in Trump. But I had no idea what was ahead! So, if you want, ignore this—at your peril!

Things are happening awfully fast and overtaking rational comment in proper sequence. But, we gotta hang in and fight!

We are faced with an imminent crisis. Exactly when, how and what, that crisis will be remains to be determined, but waiting, patiently or not, is not the smartest way to proceed.

Obviously, there is a lot of chance in how and in what order things may happen.

What we – the American people—can and should do is, of course, not yet clear, except for one thing—we must all be willing to risk something by speaking out, acting out and not worrying about simply keeping our heads down and “hoping against hope” that someone else saves our bacon. That is what happened in Germany in the 1930s and that history is all too clear.

We all had a good lesson this week in how to behave when Sally Yates, Acting US Attorney General, refused to enforce or defend Trump’s preemptive Executive Order barring travelers from majority Muslim nations. He fired her—simply in writing with no warning or call—and replaced her with a more compliant civil servant. She was guilty simply of saying what she obviously believed, and what her oath requires of her—that she had not been consulted and “was not convinced” that the order was constitutional. She was doing what Attorneys General are supposed to do in our system; be independent, act independent and follow the law and constitution.

In all likelihood Trump’s order, if properly crafted, vetted and organized –despite its odious intent—probably could have passed legal muster. But in his rush to use his executive power pen/sword he blundered badly –possibly irredeemably?

Our system sometimes seems clumsy, awkward and sluggish. Today, it seems haphazard and trigger happy.

Now we see several Federal District Judges and Yates on the front lines of the battle breaking out.

They alone probably cannot trigger the full scale landslide need to clean the White House. David Brooks today called attention to the Faustian bargain that the Republican leadership has been sipping from. He rightly pointed out that if they are not careful they may become political history in 2018 and 2020. But we all cannot afford to wait too long.

Our task is to move a step further than good demonstrative gestures such as the Women’s March after the inauguration.

We must mobilize civil –in the dual meaning of that word—disobedience to create enough disruption in enough places to cause enough pain to gather an overwhelming support to move the leaders in Congress to actually take action to save their own skins –and ours while they are it.

This will not happen without risking many things and some people.

Enough already!


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