Jump on Trumpgate Fast!

Ready, set, go! David Brooks knew what he talked about! Trump will be gone inside of the year!

I apologize for dragging you into more Trumpmania. But, I am not the faucet out of which it pours.

Flynn was the metaphorical “room” that was broken into. The standard intelligence surveillance of such conversations is the tape on the door. The fact that he was too stupid to know/remember that he was being listened too is perhaps as bad as his cover-up and the misconduct itself. His lie to Pence is beyond belief. The WH effort over two weeks to hush it all up and hope it would go away now implicates everyone, including Trump himself.

The succeeding steps that will end in Trump’s resignation are probably only weeks away.

Brooks not only predicted Trump’s early demise, he also predicted how.

The Faustian bargain made by the Republican leadership is now fast coming due. If those leaders cannot extricate themselves from their bargain with Trump, they are surely doomed.

The American public, including Trumpites, will have no stomach for a President who will be proven to have conspired with Russia to his personal advantage without regard to America’s greater interests.

Exactly how this plays out is not yet precisely clear.

First, a special prosecutor is obviously inevitable.

Second, the impeachment process will begin.

No doubt as the intelligence/communications history is more and more unpeeled the process will inevitably speed up.

The big question remains.

The effect of all this is that it likely will turn out that we had a corrupt/invalid election. There is nothing in our history or constitution to offer a natural and easy solution.

Obviously, Pence has to go out with Trump, which means that Ryan is constitutionally next in line. But, putting Ryan in the white house does not completely set right the consequences of Trump’s crimes. This was an election won by a popular vote margin of about 3,000,000 Democrats, despite Russian interference.

Therefore, it appears to me that Ryan should become “acting President” pending a national referendum on whether or not to hold a special election for president.

If the referendum says no to a special election, Ryan should be President for the rest of Trump’s term.

If the referendum says make a redo election for the balance of Trump’s term, the new fun starts.

I predict that the candidates will be Biden and Romney, because they both are already well known, trusted and well equipped. The new election could be as soon as Memorial Day. In the meanwhile, Ryan would work with Trump’s cabinet under tight control.

I know, I know. There will be screams from all sides that we do not do that kind of improvising.

But, whenever you get tough cases without precedent, you simply have to improvise. And, I urge anyone to offer an alternative and better suggestion.

This will be a bonanza for the press and fascinating for all us observers.


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