Weather and Whether Trump

We noticed this week that the National Weather service that is part of NOAA which is part of the Department of Commerce, which is part of the Trump Administration, did something which he, the President, NEVER does apparently as a matter of principle.

The weather service apologized—I think unnecessarily—for being partially wrong about how bad the recent snow storm would be. Perhaps the Secretary of Commerce, who presumably knows Trump well enough to offer a word of advice, might suggest that Trump might want to emulate the practices of the weather service.

Trump’s wiretapping allegations were ludicrous at the outset because Presidents alone cannot order a wiretap, and as has been demonstrated by his inability to provide any evidence and his fellow Republicans’ refusal to back him up at all.

Trump, the chief executive of the United States, baselessly accused his predecessor of the worst presidential crime since Watergate. Trump slandered Barack Obama, and though Trump seems clearly incapable of apologizing or admitting a mistake, his refusal to do so continues to erode the trust that many Americans want to have in our government and deepen the divide between our communities and allies.

Whether or not Trump will follow the lead of his Weather Service remains to be seen.

That he should apologize to the former President seems already beyond clear.


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