Trading Sardines?

The world we are living in gets funnier and funnier by the day, depending on your definition of funny.

As the Trump story slides deeper and deeper into the mud, it gets harder every day to figure what it will take to get to impeachment.

One would have thought that “high crimes or misdemeanors” [the Constitutional words for the basis of impeachment] would include treason and/or outright lies by a Presidential candidate to the public in campaigning for the office about what transpired between the candidate and Russian officials relating to interference in that campaign.

Today many people, who neither voted for or like Trump, are uncertain if interference in the election by collusion with Russia is likely to get Congress to impeach.

Evidently the presumed conclusion is that party loyalty will prevail. One has to wonder what it will take to bring Republican members of the House and Senate to their senses and vote to save their own political fates in forthcoming elections.

This recently brought to mind a funny, but telling, story about a commodities trader who had bought a lot of sardines figuring the price would rise because the fishing had been slow and supply constrained. He was ‘long’ a freight carload of sardines and then the price fell sharply so he had the freight car sent to the RR station nearest his home.

He went with his son on Saturday and broke the seal on the car door, took out a crate, opened it and then opened a single can of sardines. Immediately a grin crossed his face and he said to his son “We are in luck; these sardines are rancid.”

He ran to the phone and called the seller and said the sale had to be cancelled because legally the sardines ‘were not fit for the purpose for which they were sold’.

The seller objected and asked “How do you know?” The buyer said he had opened a can and they were rancid. The seller said “You did WHAT?”

The buyer reiterated the facts.

Then the seller said those sardines were never intended to be eaten “they were trading sardines, not eating sardines—TOO BAD!”

It’s almost like Trump never really intended to be elected to be President, but to have fun teasing the whole world about such a crazy idea.

So let’s send Trump back with the rancid sardines and start over!!



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