Not for Nervous Eyes and Minds

Most of us are cringing with embarrassment, aggravation, and concern about how the Trump Administration is shaping up: from his failure with Health Care to his ‘care-less’ treatment of the world, including his own constituents and supporters.

One thing that stands out with particular significance is how Trump deals with failure and criticism: denial, deflection, and rejection of fact.

He has consistently demonstrated that he cannot accept the reality that he has any blemishes or faults. There are many facets to extreme narcissistic disorders. One of them is the inability to see and/or accept reality.

One of the biggest threats we all face today is what happens if (or when) the charges regarding Russia close in tight AND when (not if) a showdown arises with North Korea, particularly if those events come close together.

The BIG concern is that he may not be able to see reality [good or bad] about his role in either or both issues.

To date, he has attempted to deflect every issue as someone else’s fault.

Is it possible that the psychological profile he presents is so risky that he could— unknowingly—take risks that might not only literally be his end but also the end of the world as we know it.  His disease is such that he may be deranged to think that “if I cannot have it, the world will end for me and thus it may just as well end for everyone else too at the same time.”

Yes, this is a very scary, crazy thought process. And, crazy is very hard to predict and control.

While the Russian dragnet continues, North Korea threatens more every day/month.

Every congressperson and Senator owes it to all their constituents to reflect hard on these admittedly extreme concerns.


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