One World Government?

On August 10, 2010 I wrote that there likely would be ONE worldwide government by 3010 that would help manage life for the benefit of all citizens of the globe. I added then that one of the main functions of such government would be the allocation of global resources and expenditures in support of global goals.

The achievement of such a governance process obviously would have been the ultimate elimination of local global conflicts and military clashes. That most likely would have come about as a consequence of a real global need both to desist from the waste of local conflicts and focus global efforts on ultimate universe survival.

In the last few months, we in the US have been up in arms about Russian interventions in our democratic election processes. Very recently the same problem occurred in the French election, though it fortunately did not prove decisive.

It probably never occurred to you that those interventions may in due course lead to a good thing: global governance for everyone’s benefit.

Historically, elections were localized because of obvious limitations on communications. Today, there are essentially no such limitations. Digital communications penetrate all corners of the earth.

At the same time, governments everywhere have realized that the politics of another nation will have massive consequences beyond that country’s borders. The obvious next step is a degree of participation in the internal politics of other countries.

Because we celebrate freedom of speech, we have a hard time saying we are not open to hearing whatever we hear, whether the source is CNN or Le Monde. Witness Barack Obama’s endorsement of Emmanuel Macron for a more positive version of multi-national politics.

We are still a long way from 3010, and this entanglement of democracy processes across national boundaries is still very young. The interventions are naturally, and also properly, still worrisome to some. I am not suggesting for an instant that Trump’s alleged campaign effort to invite Russian intervention into our election was legitimate or a good thing. I absolutely do not think that at all.

But I do think that we should begin to think where all this is headed and how to manage it in the best way for the long term.

3010 is after all really not that far off!


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