The Brain of Stephen Hawking Speaks Loud and Clear

Perhaps the only person alive who captures the world’s attention as the smartest person since Einstein is Hawking.

His recent observation that MAN should hasten to begin colonizing another habitable planet—anywhere and however reachable—before it is too late and all the product of man’s invention, science and genius is swept up and away from Earth in tidal waves of global warming must become a number one goal and objective IN THE NEXT 100 YEARS!

If that is not a wakeup call, I do not know what could be?

Of course, there is some hyperbole in his 100 years. But, whether it be 87 or 213, it is less than a blink even in the scale of human time and needs to be taken very seriously!

Hawking apparently did not specify why he thought the problem was so immediate or so tragic.

Immediate has, of course, a lot to do with the priority of really attacking the problem. If our national leadership continues to disbelieve that global warming has anything to do with human behavior, then we are doomed for sure if Hawking is right. Given only about 100 years, it is unclear whether there is anything man can do enough of in that time to make a difference.

Then there is the question of who cares? If 100 years from now the cataclysms occur and we become like what we see on Mars today, who would be left to either know or care—here or wherever?


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