Uber Drivers are a Source of Ideas?

Yesterday I wrote about an Uber driver whose wife Skypes China daily, and an old friend immediately accused me of being too dependent on Uber for stimulating ideas.

And, immediately this morning, I met another driver who provoked me with his amazing story and perspective.

He is a 46 year old Ecuadorian who has been in the US for 25 years. His wife is a nurse and they have raised three successful children. He had little education but was good with his hands and loves to work with tools. He bought his first house in Queens in 2000 and today owns two large houses—one three-family, and one  four-family. He owes about $1 million on the mortgages and each house is worth about $3 million. On paper, his net worth is about $5 million.

I asked if he was planning to retire. “No way!” he said. I am too young and I like to work.

He added “in today’s world it takes $100 million to be rich, and I am nowhere near there yet!”

WOW! Some of us who think we have done well may be have some more thinking to do!


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