A Majority ‘Center Party’?

Something interesting may be brewing in the political world.

More and more moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their traditional party affiliations. And, for good reason.

The essence of governance is, of course, compromise. The parties try [or least tried, historically] to reconcile their differences and create laws and regulations to make government work well and fairly for all of America.

Ever since Obama was elected, the Republicans in Congress opposed him on everything simply to get rid of him as fast as they could. Despite their obstruction, Obama got himself reelected and did a remarkable job, including notably getting a health care program that now covers 24 million people who previously were uninsured.

Ever since Trump was elected, the Republican leadership in both Houses of Congress have swallowed hard. Most of them see Trump clearly for what he is, but have been largely supportive of his crazy quilt agenda. For example, there has been little or no serious consultation between the parties on health care and most other big issues.

We have a political, practical, and ideological stalemate and little prospect of anything changing, short of the Republican Party abandoning Trump, impeaching him, and turning to Pence, who may even be more difficult to deal with.

Until there is a sorting out process, and perhaps an election or two, it will be very had to gauge accurately what percentage of both Democrats and Republicans might seriously entertain creating a whole new CENTER PARTY with all the trappings that accompany the two leading parties.

That said, the sooner that process gets started, and the sooner we can find out whether the growing thinking about the Center has a real future and seize this seemingly propitious moment to test the waters.

It may be that only with such realignment will it be possible to break the Gordian knot that is strangling the country. The Republicans are in the grip of the far right and the Democrats of the  left have failed to lay out any moderate alternative agenda to Trump’s crazy quilt; the moderate minds and voices in both parties at the moment have nowhere to go today to be heard with any modicum of real interest.

If somehow a few leading Republican and Democrat citizens could speculate and find the leadership and money to create a Center Party, a snowball just might be created with Democrat and Republican citizens signing on rapidly. That in turn might cause the moderate Democrats and Republicans in both Houses of Congress to officially start switching to the Center Party.

If that process is not simply a pipe dream, by 2020 the Center Party might just become the majority party and we finally might again have a government that we need and deserve.


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