What IS the Matter with Trump?

Donald Trump has changed.

For example, some of his recent tweeting has been contrary to his own interests, as in the case of his  contradiction of his Solicitor General’s grounds for appeal of the “travel ban.” That is not the action of a person who is truly all there.

We must remember that there is clear evidence that President Reagan’s Alzheimer’s had begun to set in well before he left office, though he still had it in him to write a coherent letter to all Americans saying “au revoir.”

Some observers have been studying Trump’s speech and have found dramatic deterioration. Given his dubious health and advanced age (he is the oldest person ever to assume the presidency), it does not seem unreasonable to wonder if he has begun to descend into dementia. If he is, there is no useful precedent in American history.

Perhaps the Congress should begin to probe this subject (and the ‘disability ‘provision of the 25th Amendment) as an alternative to impeachment.

Trump too could climb out of his self-made hole if he realized his problem and left office voluntarily. History might even see him in a sympathetic light because he took on the fight for the people to challenge the status quo in DC and bowed only to forces beyond human control or hope of conquest.

Obviously, all this may prove to be unwarranted speculation— other things could cause Trump’s erratic behavior such as his uncontrollable malignant narcissism —but the stakes are too high to simply put our heads in the sand.


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