Rationale Behind Trump’s Tweeting

In recent weeks, Trump has carried his tweeting to extremes. In the process, he is stepping on his own agenda to his own disadvantage.

People are asking more and more—why?

The most interesting explanation came this past weekend when it was observed that Trump needs to keep reinforcing the authenticity of his “character”. His tweets are to remind people that he is not just another President but a guy they can count on to “say it like it is” and echo the way his supporters feel.

The fact that he may be lying, rude, and wrong is apparently irrelevant. His tweeting continues to reinforce and solidify his support from one third of Americans,

He continues to lash out at the press and famous people—neither of whom are  going away anytime soon—which ensures that the “noise” related to the tweets is amplified big time.

And, he adds—in a stunning non-sequitur—“After all I was elected President and who are they.”

All of this reminds me of a cousin who, as a teenager, had a thing about not being bound by convention. He refused to wear a pair of anything—socks, pajamas, etc.—or matching colors. Indeed, as he must have hoped, he was seen as an odd ball and he seemed to be amused by his being thought of as such.

His uncle, my father, asked him one day why, if he was so stuck on being unconventional, he had allowed himself to become so consistent in presenting himself as unconventional.

After all, my father said, “It is just as bad to be stuck by unconvention, as it is to be stuck by convention.”

Trump asserts that his unconventional tweeting is his new, modern Presidential style and convention.

Only time will tell. If we all live long enough?


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