Thinking is Seeing

This is a summer season shorty!

A traditional expression is “seeing is believing!”

I had a kind of out of body experience last night. Sorry, this may be a bit TMI, but facts are facts.

I often wake about 1 AM to go to the toilet. A couple of times a year I unexpectedly find my wife already there or she has found me there. No problems. We are both agreeable in the middle of the night and both basically still asleep.

Last night I went to the toilet and while there I noticed the bath room door move and said –thinking she was in line—I‘ll be done in a minute. It moved again and I thought I had a glimpse of her and said ‘just a sec”.

Then I was done and pulled the door open and saw her moving towards the bed.

I spoke out loud– your turn now– and went to my side of the bed.

As I got into bed she lay there snoring gently away.

If that is not a para normal experience, what is? She swears she was not sleep walking!

This piece is not to warn you that I have gone off my rocker—because I do not think I have.

I am curious if anyone who reads this has ever had a similar experience.

I suppose it could stand to reason that since I had what I thought was evidence that she was up [the door moving], could induce my mental image of her being up? Perhaps, as well, I was still  basically asleep and I dreamt standing —not saw—what my brain expected to see? I do have those kinds of dreams often.

All comments and similar experiences will be appreciated!


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