Wait for the Whites of Their Eyes and Counter Attack

Robert Mueller is ploughing along; General-Chief of Staff Kelly is looking at drapes for his new office; the supposed/deposed ‘Prince’ Priebus is licking his wounds; and Scaramucci is figuring out who to shout out next.  Otherwise, things in Washington, D.C. are moving along quite nicely.

In state after state, polls show Republican support dropping like rocks, in part due to the fiasco that emerged from Republic efforts not to reform health care.

It is too bad the mid-term elections are still a year away.

Perhaps the moment has come to put a hammer on the finger nails of Republicans hanging on for dear life.

If the current—but still by no means ideal—Democrat congressional leadership could pull a bi-partisan infrastructure rabbit out the hat in the next six months, the chances for a decisive success in the 2018 elections could be further enhanced.

At this moment, even with McCain’s sound and moving words about Congress doing its job of collaborating, it does not look like Ryan  or McConnell have it in themselves to reach across the aisle, much less between their two houses.

That said, everyone has known since last fall’s election that there is one subject that does have potential and real bi-partisan support—infrastructure.

Therefore, why don’t Pelosi and Schumer immediately take a hint from an old and proven game and put forward a solid, simple infrastructure bill– with both public and private funding sources–and invite Ryan and McConnell to taste with them the success of something that the country badly needs and wants ?

Some overly ambitious and greedy Democrats will say to that idea: ‘Don’t give them good ideas that will end up giving them credit for getting something done and even give Trump something to trumpet.”

My answer to that is: “We should not be that stupid and insecure!”

If Schumer and Pelosi now move quickly and clearly, and do not overpromise or politicize their idea, the press and the American people will see and remember how it happened.

Instead of simply sitting by hoping for more Trump stumbles, the moment has come to do something constructive for the country.

Republicans have proven themselves unable to govern even with a majority.  If Democrats can do so from the minority, and demonstrate their willingness to place country over partisanship, the potential for a real victory in 2018 increases.

If, on the other hand, Democrats continue being simply anti-Trump, while waiting for Trump  to talk his way out of the presidency, they will have given voters little reason to believe a change might be for the better.


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