A Brand New Idea to Edge Trump Out!

This will be short and “sweet”.

Typically when the House and Senate votes the votes are open to all to see and create public accountability. That is a sound and good idea. It properly subjects every vote to normal and important political considerations and consequences.

At the moment while we still have a new President and one who is rapidly sliding in all public polls to about a 35-65 low, the public has lost confidence and virtually all Republican members of both Houses of Congress are biting their tongues with frustration and pain.

Perhaps this is a moment to try something new.

How about a secret vote of all members on the question: in your heart and mind do you still believe continuing with Trump is in the country’s best interest? YES or NO.

No one other than each individual voter in the Congress could ever know how all the rest have voted.

Yet all of them together, including everyone else in the country, would have a new important data point to help guide us all through these uncertain times and into the scary future.


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