Government vs Governance

We all know that things are spaghetti-like in many parts of the country’s operations—particularly in Washington.

Most of us blame government as the primary culprit: when average citizens are asked how to deal with society’s problems, a large majority of them say it is a failure in the role of government and they propose less government as the solution to deal with those problems.

What they are NOT fully aware of is HOW and WHY that government is in many instances the biggest problem of all.

Indeed, I know that may sound like a thought from a conservative government basher. In this case NOT SO! The modern world would not work at all without government.

What is needed is a process that has all the right elements at work at the same time—AND that is called Governance. The distinction truly is enormous and crucial.

Governance is the overall process of blending together government, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector. Those three basic sectors make up pretty much all of modern society.

They are truly quite different: they have different languages, different cultures and quite different practices. Most—well over 2/3rd—of Americans only ever work in one of those sectors. And fewer and fewer problems today can be dealt with in only one sector. Coordination and collaboration are the essential missing element.

The result is that the people in those three sectors largely do not know each other and thus they tend not to understand and trust each other.

Government people may be the worst offenders of all because they often start out and continue to have an attitude that they are the gorillas in charge of the jungle.

Consequently, efforts to primarily make government either larger or smaller are misdirected and miss the basic target that crucially needs to be addressed.

The core problem is to make the basic three sectors work well—or simply better—together more of the time.

And that is where GOVERNANCE comes in to play.

Governance is simply the very process which seeks to help the three basic sectors work together.

The ONLY purpose of this brief essay is simply to establish for you the simple reality that governance itself must be recognized by more people before we can really get at how to fix modern society.

It is not about government; it is all about governance!

If you get that point and want to learn more go to


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