Any Questions?

I have had some suggestions that in addition to sending my thoughts out into the ether, I start answering questions my readers might have.

If, for example, you are bothered by Trump’s persistent use of blatant mistruths, you might wonder what could you think, say, and do about it. I think, for example, my answer to that might be “Bite your tongue, swallow hard and whisper ‘ugh!’”

At this point I have no idea what kinds of questions I might get and therefore I cannot predict what kind of replies I might have. I would certainly avoid, to the extent possible, obvious reactions, and—as I always do—try to see questions in a broad light and respond with wit and whatever wisdom I might have that could bring a new perspective to the question.

I have long avoided this idea, but finally I have concluded that there is little harm in giving it a try. I do not plan to stop my own periodic comments. If you see no more about this idea, it will be either because I got few questions worth repeating (anonymously, obviously) or I had no useful responses worth sharing with you.

Do not feel any obligation to responding to this, except if you think it a lousy idea, please say so!


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