Laughter is Essential for Survival

As a general proposition I would always be in agreement. At the moment one tends to pause and wonder what is funny about the predicament we are in.

Recently I enquired about questions my readers might have and got quite a number of interesting ideas. But the most interesting and frequent comment/question was “where is the humor today” –we need it very badly!

A very good question indeed! There is some, but generally it is pretty thin.

For example:

Trump Photo

Clever that Photoshop process! And, is this a giggle or what?

My take away from this very good advice is that we all need to look for humor and share it widely.

We will all feel better about ourselves and the situation. And, perhaps score a point or two here and there.

I will do my bit –if I can – and I need your help spotting the better items.

And, the other questions will be addressed as we go along.


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