A Medley of Items from Paris

Since Napoleon put a final end to the French Revolution, Paris has not generally been thought of as a place of great originality.

This past week has been exceptional.

  1. The rise of the far right—think Germany in the 193Os—is dangerous. Macron’s election in the past spring broke open Frances’s political egg and revealed quite an ugly right. And yesterday, the same thing happened in Germany. Apparently far-right sentiment has been dormant in Europe for quite a while and now Trump has legitimized such extreme attitudes in mainstream politics. While the threat posed by Europe’s far right may not yet be dire, it needs to be watched VERY carefully and dealt with aggressively and promptly. No more Germanys like that of 1930s.
  2. Healthy eating has produced what may be the next new and interesting development. It has no distinct name yet (perhaps DemiEats) but it is the idea of a restaurant which offers, in an elegant simple setting, miniature portions—think tapas—of a few main dishes. Such a restaurant would appeal to old folks who eat less and often split dishes, to people who are watching their weight, and to young folks who are guarding their wallets. Keep an eye out! When Starbucks started in Seattle 20 odd years ago many people said “Big deal; Vienna invented the coffee shop 100 years earlier,” but we all know what happened next.
  3. The French bourgeoisie is increasingly liberal and at ease with social integration. People from all parts of France make friends more easily than before with fewer barriers of race and religion, brought together in part with their concerns with terrorism, Trump, and a world without U.S. leadership. What next?
  4. The CLOUD has shrunk the Atlantic to a puddle! An iPad was lost in or near an apartment in Paris. An iPhone in NY identified it in that apartment and in an instant turned on the alarm, and the iPad was quickly found under a chair, where it might have stayed until a distant moving date. If Apple can do that, why can’t they figure out a way to make us all behave?

CYA around soon enough!


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