Trump’s One Good Thing?

If I ask friends to name just one good thing about Trump, the first response I usually hear that there are none. But if one really looked hard, surely there must be something.

Years ago, a flinty old friend referred to a mutual acquaintance as a prismatic bastard. I was puzzled and asked what he meant. The answer was that guy was a bastard from every angle.

In that sense, there really may not be one good thing about Trump because even his positive acts are undermined by his own words and, often, subsequent actions. Anything good, one might say, is silenced by the bad that inevitably follows.

Finally, another idea came to mind.

My father had a great friend whose mother-in-law who probably rivaled Trump in her own way. But the friend always said he loved having her come for the summer.

When asked how that was possible, he would smile and say, “It makes the summer last sooo long!”

“And when she leaves,” he added, “it is such a relief.”

We have not yet gotten to that part with Trump, but it may be sooner than


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