People Are Like Camels

The biggest question that surrounds us today is why and how so few people, who we all live among, are concerned enough with what is going on in Washington to think much about it and/or do anything about it.

There is an inertia that envelops most people which is something like ‘I cannot do anything about it, therefore I do not want to worry about it and therefore I am going to go on about my own business and simply HOPE for the best’. That obviously on the surface seems to make perfectly good sense. BUT, that state of mind is what probably dooms all of us from doing anything to remedy the overall situation in time to minimize the damage.

Our political process has taken on a life of its own which makes it VERY difficult to correct even obvious mistakes. In some strangely perverse ways, over long periods of time, that may be a good thing because it overall creates political stability.

The flip side of that, of course, is that it takes virtually a political revolution or a major legal problem to effect any change, which is where we ought to be at the moment.

Certain animals have their own ways of dealing with situations like this. In vicious sandstorms camels simply stop where they are and put their head in the sand and hunker down and wait for the storm to blow over, which such storms always do at some point, and then they take their heads out of the sand and continue on their way.

Other than a few new sand dunes on the horizon, when the storms end, the world around them otherwise remains the same.

The real world in which we all live today is very different. When and if, our political mistakes get corrected, it is already clear the world likely will be quite different. We will have quite different Federal courts, we will have a tax system which creates MORE inequality and deficits, and we will have a global instability brought on by a selfish America First doctrine of protectionism.

Perhaps a Pearl Harbor type of event of shocking proportions would help. That could happen if North Korea gets out of hand. But, the costs in human lives would be ‘inhuman’. Do we have to hope for that?

Instead, it seems to me that the recent Alabama senate election is a very helpful signal of public disgust with current events and suggests that by the midterm elections in 2018 we may get the revolutionary turnover essential to correcting the mistakes of 2016.

In the meanwhile if our human camels could pull their heads out of the sand for long enough to look around and engage in an unending series of public, but peaceful, displays of displeasure with the Republican controlled Congress and Trump’s shocking Presidential misbehavior, the whole country likely would become aroused. The polls are already without precedent – support for Trump and his Congress are well below 40% and falling. Such a campaign would likely take that number below 30%.

A healthy majority is the only basis for a Democracy to work properly.

Wake up Americans and DO SOMETHING besides simply privately hoping!


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