Thank God For Great-Grandchildren

In this year of so many unpleasant surprises, I have made at least one wonderful discovery.

If one marries young and has children quickly, great-grand parenthood can happen to anyone.

Children are a joy, as are grandchildren!

Beware! Do not try to give too much child rearing advice to your children because they are likely to be hyperaware of what they see as your mistakes in raising them.  Of course, no one is perfect, but we all do our best.

When your grandchildren’s children arrive, they are heaven sent. They are the cutest, bestest etc.

(But beware of ever-growing tuitions!)

Here is the DISCOVERY:  Your grandchildren will welcome ALL your advice because they do not hold YOU responsible for what they see as their parents’ mistakes.

In such dark times, we need to take our joy from unexpected corners.

Trust me on this. The future is promising!


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