Ba Ba Black Sheep – Have You Any Idea?


Very recently I wrote that I was surprised how few Americans who are worried about the overall political situation seem to feel a need to DO SOMETHING, other than worry and hope.

That started me thinking about two things: what could real people do to ACT—apart from mass public gatherings which tend to get out of hand—AND how could any such process be prompted short of some Pearl Harbor-type event.

Last week a 17 year old boy shot and killed his 17 year old girlfriend after she told him that her parents told her she had to stop seeing him because he was a racist anti- Semite. That struck me as about as far off normal as I have ever heard.  I guess we all have to be VERY careful.  But how long can we go along with this abominable state of mind Trump has engendered—whether he realizes and grasps his role or not.

If we do nothing, we are destined to have to wait impatiently for time to take care of events.

If we want to help mobilize a quite widespread public concern, it has to catch on and spread. For example, physical symbols of concern for AIDS, breast cancer, and lost soldiers are quite widely and continuously displayed.

It occurred to me that there are millions of people who think we should DUMP TRUMP but do not want to go around continuously talking about it.

As a test of the idea I had about 500 red and blue two-inch buttons made each with the slogan “DUMP TRUMP” in black.

I will send to anyone who reads this blog a handful of either or both colors on the simple condition that you will send me feedback on what you learned from offering them to friends or acquaintances.  Are people squeamish?  Would they pass along? Would they persist in wearing for a while?

Think of this as participating in an experiment that might even make you feel better?

Or maybe it’s a process that could really end up changing things?


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