The Sound of Shoes Dropping is Rising

After Mueller’s recent indictments of 13 Russian citizens for violating several US laws about interference in US elections, it seems unlikely that there will be any trials of those accused because they will remain beyond the reach of our legal jurisdiction unless they choose to come to the US.

So why bother?

Mueller issued indictments because he needed to “lay a foundation” of indisputable facts regarding Russian interference in US elections. Eventually, Mueller clearly plans to connect these Russians to US citizens associated with Trump to strengthen the case that there was a degree of cooperation between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Currently, two Trump associates named Rick Gates and Alex van der Zwaan are in the process of pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. They sought to hide their links between the Trump campaign and the Russians indicted for interfering with our 2016 election until caught by the Mueller probe.

These steps may not have had to be taken sequentially, but doing so creates a stronger case—possibly in a court of law but certainly in the court of public opinion.

It is too early to predict the public, political, and legal consequences of these steps completely or clearly.

But it is already safe to say that Trump’s trap is closing in fast.



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