Here Is What We Are Up Against

I received the message below from a man, whose name I did not recognize, who evidently had received my optimistic message about ‘After Trump’ [within an hour after it went out!]. He may have been a salesman, but how his name got on my list is a complete mystery. I thought this was worth sharing with you.

Here is what I responded. “Sorry to have bothered and upset you. Fear not, it will not happen again. While you have every right to your views, so do I and others. And, time will reveal the truth IDC. Luck to all of us!”

I utterly reject your fundamental narrative, that the Trump Presidency is a disaster—in stating it is, you completely ignore the DISASTER of a presidency that preceded him, the Obama years, which included using the IRS as a political Gestapo against the American people, the FBI conspiring to oppose the candidate of one of the major US political parties, politicization of intelligence by the senior leadership of the national security community, and many other travesties.  All President Trump has done is nominate an outstanding Supreme Court Justice, pass an excellent tax cut bill, cut onerous federal regulation by a considerable degree and nominate a trove of serious, excellent federal judges.  You also are falling hook, line and sinker for a false narrative being presented by those with their own selfish agendas, but who lack the courage and honesty to state their intent. Yes, there is a ton of chatter and noise, but that is inevitable in the social media age we are now living in, where every single person on the planet has access to a global megaphone in the form of a smart phone.  And of course, the mainstream media, which was so invested in Hilary winning the election, and which was so stunned when they were proven DEAD WRONG by the electorate, has been attempting since the day after the election to invalidate those results.  Of course we’ll “survive Trump,” just as we survived Obama, the rapist Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and the near death of the US economy, and lots of other ineffective or bad presidents.  To suggest otherwise is either to be entirely lacking of any historical awareness or is evidence of hyper partisan political agenda.

I know nothing about this person BUT I do know that this type of thinking is what we are up against.


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