Protecting Schools From Guns

Obviously getting rid of most guns, as well as restricting access, is the best way to cut back on gun violence.

But, with the gun lobby as powerful as it is, it may be quite a while before that becomes politically feasible.

The idea of arming teachers is as alarming as it is stupid. The weapons available to even well-trained teachers are not competitive with the weapons today in the hands of crazily inspired killers and would surely end up making bad situations worse.

The idea of ALARM SYSTEMS has not appeared in anything I have read to date.

When the general body of students is entering and/or leaving the school buildings is obviously NOT when gunmen have normally sought to enter a school.

But when school is in session and everyone’s attention is on the teachers and blackboards, all entrances and exits could/would be locked and alarmed throughout the whole school. Thus, if anyone sought improperly to enter, the WHOLE school could be on notice IMMEDIATELY. The chances of a mad gunman getting anywhere in the school would be sharply reduced.

In fact most gunpersons would be very unlikely to even to try to enter because they would be frustrated from their evil aim to kill others and then die. Presumably they would look for other avenues to satisfy their crazy anger.

The cost of such a system would be relatively trivial and a school wide PA system, to manage the related essential communications probably already exists in most schools.

Pray tell? Why hasn’t this simple harmless idea at least been talked of and considered?


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