Mueller’s Role, Post-Trump?

When you open a newspaper in this day and age [like TODAY!], you are likely to be confronted by a photograph of either Robert Mueller or Donald Trump.

Pictures of Trump take many forms: he looks stern or he bloviates; he speaks to a crowd or shakes hands with a world leader; he salutes our troops and risks losing his toupee.

Pictures of Robert Mueller, on the other hand, are all the same. He walks down the same hallway in a dark suit. Sometimes he is in the process of buttoning his sport coat; other times, he is taking a file from an aide. His face is a closed book.

In many ways, Mueller is the anti-Trump. Unlike the president, Mueller shuns the spotlight. He is quietly effective while Trump is loudly, and publicly, incompetent. The Mueller investigation has been a black box, while the White House leaks like a kitchen strainer.

While the President appears to be, nominally, one of the most powerful people in the world, Mueller has potentially great, and real, power over the president.

As Special Counsel, he is the only person who can file criminal charges against the president. (It is worth noting that there remains some debate on that matter among legal scholars, as there is no exact precedent.)

Mueller entered this present assignment with virtually unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The conservative media has done its best to smear him and his team as witch hunters. Still, Trump firing Mueller appears to be one of the few things that could trigger successful impeachment proceedings from the Ryan-McConnell Congress.

If Mueller survives the Trump era with his reputation for integrity intact––which looks very likely to me––he might be convinced to embark on a final career in government to help the country adjust to the post Trump world. Though he is 73, he appears healthy and energetic. Unfortunately, at 73 he is too old for a Supreme Court appointment; he could, however, possibly serve as Attorney General for whoever comes along to heal our nation in the wake of the Trump presidency.

We need to be thinking not only about Democrat Presidential possibilities, but also people with exceptional moral authority to help them.

The need for a new era of stability, decency, transparency and dependability lies ahead, and like planning how to navigate peace while war is still underway, now is not too soon.

Mueller has 5 stars in my book and we need him badly.


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