General Kelly: Curious and Curiouser?

General Kelly was brought into the White House Chief of Staff position in 2017, to reduce the chaos and confusion that characterizes the Trump White House. Instead of achieving “managed chaos”, he has now been sidelined by the President to the point that there is no word to describe what now goes on in that beautiful white building.

So what is next? That is where the story may become very interesting.

The President obviously is not shy about firing people—either through tweets or intermediaries. However, the President seems unable to bring himself to press the button and open the trap door under Kelly’s chair. WHY?

Kelly knows too much?

When Trump does not talk about people or subjects there is usually a very good reason—mainly that it would open the door to seeing/learning stuff that could be very harmful to him. No public tax returns, no comment on Stormy, no explanations about Flynn, no action about Mueller, and so on. Where there is a standoff, Trump and his lawyers seem content to stick their fingers in their ears and carry on as if nothing is wrong.

Kelly, despite some of his old fashioned views, has a distinguished military record and career. He has capped it with a yeoman’s effort to help a President try to make sense by acting as a Chief of Staff must—part baby sitter and part advisor.

If Trump does not fire Kelly, but simply lets him hang limply in the journalistic breeze, whatever is left of the general’s distinguished reputation likely will disappear very fast.

The time has come for Kelly to pull up his socks and say ENOUGH!

Trump likely will be so relieved that he will cover Kelly with lovely encomiums.

Then Kelly will face the toughest choice of his life. Will he stay silent on the theory that it is not polite to speak ill of your late employer? Unless?

Or, will he realize –the way Comey has with a Higher Loyalty–that his pay check came from the US Treasury and he was really employed by the people of the United States to whom he owes the truth?

Inevitably, if he tells his story, there will be some Trump diehards who will rail about him as an untrustworthy, blabbermouth, slime ball like Comey.

There will also be many “Trumpeteers” who may, for the first time, come to realize what has really been going on in clear sight in that House that belongs to “we the people!”

General, please do your thing, ASAP! And remember, certain types of slime balls also get rich!


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