A New – New York State Attorney General

Say what you must about Eric Schneiderman’s abrupt departure. Despite his unacceptable behavior, he was an exceptional attorney general. One of the reasons his former post is independently elected is to support and ensure that his/her only boss is ‘the people.’ He was independent, vigorous and persistent – qualities our state needs badly today. Evidently, one of his key assistants is an exceptional woman who enjoys an excellent reputation and should be a leading candidate.

That said, there is another exceptional possibility: Preet Bharara was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York until Trump dumped him because he was too independent.

He is currently a CNN commentator/consultant and we all can see how and why he was so well regarded. He is crisply clear, focused and interesting. Those are crucial characteristics for an effective prosecutor.

At the moment, the famously corrupt NY State Legislature appears to be staying miles away from him as an interim appointment, from which he could quite easily get elected. It is not hard to imagine why they are avoiding him. They would prefer not to ever have to deal with him about their peccadillos.

That is why WE—all the readers of this blog who live in and/or care at all about New York State – should do whatever we can to encourage Bharara to run for the nomination.

It is a rare opportunity when a position opens with such a perfect candidate to take over that job.

That is exactly where we are today.

I do not know him personally, but I am reaching out to him to offer my help.

Talk to everyone relevant you know and give Mr. Bharara a push!


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