Perhaps Trump Should Pardon Himself Now!

If Donald Trump really believes that he has absolute power to pardon himself, it would make excellent sense for him to do it now, and thus put an immediate end to ‘this whole pointless witch hunt search for collusion.’

He could say both that he believes that he never knowingly violated any law or obstructed justice in any way BUT, if he possibly did so, even inadvertently, he pardons himself and therefore the whole “Russia thing” would become immediately moot.

He would also immediately be freed from all the harassment dogging and distracting him and be able to get back to his full time job of President which he yearns to do.

What else would happen is, of course, quite unclear.

For certain, lawyers from the left and right would head immediately to court to question and/or support the constitutionality of his actions.

Based on earlier indications, it also seems likely that there would be movement in both chambers of Congress toward impeachment.

From the perspective of the country as a whole, despite an intense period of chaos and confusion, the Trump episode would either be legitimized or ended much more promptly than seems otherwise possible at the moment.

There is a lot to be said for getting back to a more normal life.

Even his own spokesman and lawyer on this matter said last weekend that at the end of the day it comes down to impeachment or no impeachment.

Let’s all get on with it. The slow grind is bad for everyone ­– here and abroad.

If he really believes that he has the power to pardon himself, he should take such a step to either really continue to fish longer or cut the bait now and be done with uncertainty!


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