It is WOMEN!!!

I am tempted to leave it at that. But it may need some explanation to some folks.

Women—and we must remember that broad generalizations have many exceptions—at large are much better prepared in today’s world to lead a democracy, particularly in The United States.

Why a democracy? Families in the main are micro democracies where things get ‘worked out’ not simply dictated. A lot of men work in largish organizations which tend to be hierarchical and commanded.

Women’s experiences in ’running’ homes often accompanied by full time jobs in larger organizations — is much more useful and relevant to running political processes outside homes.

We have had 200+ years of experience with men at the helm. Though we have been slow to learn the value of women leaders, we are truly ready NOW!

The number of women running for Congress this year has risen significantly. That may be partly because polls indicate their chances are better than ever. Most of them have military experience along with family life and other rigorous professional training. Many of them are downright amazing people—one woman I have met has had about 40 had 10 years in the Marines flying helicopters in combat, is a trained lawyer and has 4 children. A supportive husband that assists with family life does not hurt. While it is true that most of our Presidents in the 20th Century were quite well qualified, as we are moving into a different world things point more towards women as our salvation in this country.


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