Neither A Blue Tide Nor Red

What we’re really witnessing is a rising tide of Americans concerned with democracy and its future.

The devoutly wished-for blue or red tide in November’s elections will not come about – regardless of the outcome.

While a Democratic House is probably the likeliest outcome – and the only one that can forestall the republic’s collapse, the hidden import of this year’s elections is the possible emergence of a new breed of political leaders, neither enamored of nor beholden to the ruling class of politicians in Congress today, and to a person eager to transcend mere partisanship. While many – but not all of them – come with the “Democrat” label, they have serious differences with their party’s’ platform, priorities, and approach.

A recent series of articles about the interesting new faces running for Congress gives us real hope for the future. There are more women running than ever. There are many heroes – men and women – whose military service has compelled them to pursue public service through other means.

Their reasons for giving up great careers to run for Congress have one thing in common. They are largely fed up with Red and Blue and they feel that they can put their experience to work finding solutions to today’s tough problems by working together with all their colleagues, regardless of party affiliation.

They are an amazing bunch and it really looks like many of them will succeed.

This is an off-year election and it may take until the next Presidential election to see their numbers become large enough to create, in effect, a real NON party bloc in Congress. In the House, where even small groups of like-minded legislators can exert influence greater than their size, these new mavericks could become a [the?] leading group of politicians in the USA.

For all the talk of a new party (or many) over the last 40 years, the two-party dichotomy has handily persevered.  It may be that we have been too focused on the old way of doing things.

The new way, unfolding today, may become known as the ‘People’s Party’. They will write their own rules and reform the largely stagnant and sometimes malevolent way the Congress has gotten us into today’s mess, by working as insurgents on the inside.

This year we may see about 100 of these new types of Representatives – at all levels of government – and perhaps that number may double by 2020. A next step will be to see the same thing happen in the Senate, which will potentially see its first stage in 2020.

Though a majority of the States – as States are more Red than Blue – there are a large number of people in ALL States who are just plain fed up with colors and want their Representatives AND Senators to represent THEM and not some party primarily trying to perpetuate its powers and prerogatives.

That is the happiest thought I have had in quite a while!


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