She Says – He Says – We Says

She: He attempted to rape me.

He: I never did such a thing.

We: Memory can be tricky, but her version is very credible, backed by corroborating evidence. He now admits to a lot of youthful drunkenness. Definitely have the FBI investigate and then reopen the hearings.

How does this end?

The FBI should be able to untangle the knot of conflicting statements and uncertain memories including that of the male friend present. If the evidence ends up supporting his version the nation gets a tainted justice for his life, if the evidence supports her version, he is toast.

It is conceivable that he was so drunk he never had a memory of it – not unusual. But when, and if, he ultimately recalls it in the face of dispositive recalled evidence, if he apologizes and withdraws, he just might be able to keep his present position?

Worse, what if he ultimately acknowledges it yet apologizes and seeks to dismiss it as simply a youthful indiscretion and refuses to withdraw? Would the Senate, which has proven itself spineless in confronting the President, suddenly change course and tell Trump to “try again”?

Otherwise we would we get a new Supreme Court Justice, deeply flawed and forever tainted?  In a perfect world, it’s obvious the Senate would demur.

It’s also obvious that this is NOT a perfect world, and readily apparent that this guy was a mistake from the start for several reasons.

We should not be surprised at this situation.

It is perhaps the most long lasting mistake coming dumped on us by Trump to date.


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