Quiet Restaurants?


An Oxymoron?

Apparently it has become a given in restaurants that buzz = noise = happy campers.

That may be true for a lot of eaters – particularly people who are young, eager, energetic, with PERFECT hearing and energized by the entire buzz.

But, there are a lot of folks who do not fit the loud buzz model and are constantly looking for restaurants that have appealing food AND an atmosphere in which they can talk with their companions and hear them without everyone having to shout!

It might be desirable for some restaurants to promote their ‘quiet’ atmosphere, though a lot of us oldies will remain skeptical without some ‘real’ evidence that they really know what that really means.

And/or other restaurants may want to create quieter zones or rooms and actually enforce that result.

Obviously, all restaurants should be free to be as loud as they want. But, if they want and value some quiet for its own sake and to entice clients who appreciate that, they should consistently provide that atmosphere.

Perhaps it would help if an APP were created to assess and report on the quiet atmosphere so that people could have some reliable guidance in advance.

If this idea of quieter eating atmosphere appeals to enough of you, please let me know and I promise to help translate that into a reality?

Happy eating!


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