A Perverse But Interesting Idea

Let’s encourage a continuation of Trump until 2020

One of the surprisingly ‘good’ things that Trump has managed to accomplish is that not much of any significance really gets done while he is writhing and tweeting his way into history.

He seems to have neither a staff capable of putting into practice any program, nor any consistent plan that he or his disjointed staff can consistently drive forward.

As Woodward explains, Trump apparently believes that fear and surprise are the way to get things done. Indeed, they do work at times. But the broad swath of Executive responsibility and power come from steady, well thought out and executed plans by careful, responsible people.

Yes, he has been appointing a lot of too conservative judges to the Federal court system. But there are limits to what they can do to our basic principles like women’s rights and freedom of the press, which the Supreme Court can affect for decades.

Yes, he can fiddle with taxes to benefit himself and other very rich people. But that can be reversed quite easily and quickly.

Yes, he can deregulate more than is desirable, but that too can be reversed reasonably quickly.

Even though he reads little and listens less than most Presidents ever, he has less time to focus on strategy and policy and the process of the Presidency.

So let’s keep it that way for as long as he is in office.

Pence could prove to be far worse?


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