What Is A Wave and How?

And not only with fingers and hands!

Last week’s election has evidently left a lot of people somewhat confused. The results appear in some ways to be distorted and less decisive than many had hoped.

That suggests a bit of analysis and discussion to help clarify the subject for the world at large.

The overall popular vote at this point in all the House elections was 54% Democrat and 46% Republican. And, the Democrats have flipped 35 seats so far.

The overall popular vote in the Democrat/Republican Senate races in 35 States was 54% Democrat, 46% Republican – and the Republicans gained 2 seats???

That has to take us back to the almost unbelievable reality that one half of all States (25), with only 15% of our overall population, elect 50 Senators – one half the total!

AND as luck and randomness ALONE are responsible, this year, of the 35 Senate seats in contention, 16 of those seats were from those less densely populated 25 States. (Thus the disproportionately of Senate seats to population was again magnified in a further distortion of the Senate result in which the Democrats had an overall 10% margin of the population in all the votes for all Senate seats in contention all over the country.)

Then, when you look further and overall at the races for Governor in 36 States and for the States legislatures, you see even greater blue Democratic results than in the Federal elections.

Overall, whatever a wave may be, at minimum a very strong current appears to have occurred and has already set the stage for 2020, IF the Democratic leadership can avoid its own traditional scramble and confusion and start again to lead the country where, it has indicated this year, it wants us to head.

A wave can indicate ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, or ‘have a good trip’.

We cannot know yet what all this portends, but it sure looks most likely to mean ‘have a good trip’.


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