Next Steps For Dems

New leadership is critical!

The mid-term elections handed Democrats a good start to getting the country back on track. It remains to be seen what they will make of the opportunity. Perhaps their biggest challenge? The formal leadership of the party is either way over age or way out of new ideas and thinking. While Election Day was kinder to more moderate Democrats, overall, than the liberal firebrands who enjoyed much media attention in the run-up to November 6, 2018 was, more than anything else, a coming out party for the power of youth.

At 87 years, I have nothing against being over age. But I know from experience that even if I wanted to be a real leader at my age the idea is not remotely credible!

That said, I think Joe Biden remains a viable politician but more as a shepherd than as a leading sheep. Hillary Clinton may still have ambitions. But we have been down her road once too often. Our current crop of Congressional leaders is both over-age and over-ambitious.

What can we do?

We must get a message to Pelosi – who is the least popular Democratic politician in Congress but also highly respected by her peers for her leadership abilities.

That message should be “Agree to continue as Speaker for at most two more years on the ironclad condition that you will IMMEDIATELY replace all your senior co-leaders with the best of a new generation of leaders to lead both the country and the Congress to 2020 and beyond”.

We already should see and anticipate that new leadership, but they have been stifled and held back. It takes time to reveal and get to know new leaders.

We have to start NOW!!!!!!


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